03 September, 2013

Tinkering with Technology

As a digital learning integrator, I'm often asked all sorts of technical questions about various computer programs with a general expectation that I'll be able to troubleshoot fairly instantly.  Truth is that I'm generally a Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of guy.  Surely I have some technical knowledge about various applications, but I'm far from a guru.  What I am good at however, is tinkering.  

Tinkering is one of the best ways to learn about how something works, especially with computer applications.  It's a disposition we encourage our children to have and it's often one I plug heavily with the teachers I work with.  Like all great discoveries, new knowledge comes about as a result of tinkering around trying to do something or fix something else.  Doing so with technology often yields new discoveries and reveals opportunities for learning you never thought possible.  You'll definitely learn much more about the application beyond how to solve one isolated problem and chances are it'll stick around in your grey matter a lot longer.  

So tinker away.  You likely won't break what you're working with and chances are you'll learn a lot more than you bargained for.  Thanks to Steve for coming around to fiddle around with a blogging issue and allowing me to post a photo of him doing it.  Ironically enough we didn't solve it but we'll get there with a little digging.

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