13 October, 2013

GAFE-Powered Inquiry Environments: Google Apps in the PYP

Update:  Firstly, thanks to all those eager and enthusiastic educators who attended my first ever conference presentation at the Google Apps for Education Summit in Prague.  It was extremely flattering to myself and my students to hear and read the positive responses to Sunday's session.  Judging by the comments and, thanks to Glenn Lawler for his picture, my enthusiasm for Google Apps supporting inquiry learning really showed!

Apologies if I couldn't talk through the entire inquiry cycle.  I thought I had more time. That said, I've embedded the presentation below and I'd be more than happy to set-up some kind of webcast, podcast or school visit to explain the rest if there is enough interest.  Just let me know by commenting, emailing tweeting etc.

I've restricted some of the video content to protect the privacy of my students. Please get in touch if you'd like to see more. Special thanks to Kathy Short and Kath Murdoch for granting permission to use their images of inquiry frameworks.

Sunday, Oct 13:  I'm here at the Google Apps for Education Summit in Prague!  How exciting!  I'm about ready to give my presentation on how Google Apps for EDU can supercharge inquiry learning environments.  You can check out my presentation here.

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